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December 12, 2020
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I’m an author, publisher, and New York Times Bestselling ghostwriter living in the mountains of Southern California. It’s peaceful and inspiring. I do a lot of thinking up here, and my community is filled with creative people so life is grand.  

Writing has been my greatest joy since the age of 7. I wrote poetry back then. At the age of 11, I wrote what by today’s standards you might call my first flash fiction story, Teena and the Wildcat. I’ll bet that stuff is still in the attic of the home I grew up in.

Fast forward to high school. While everyone else was filling their electives schedules with fun classes, I took English classes. I soaked that department dry.

As it turned out, I ran out of choices before I ran out of high school. So in my senior year, I proposed an independent study course to my favorite English teacher and wrote a Gothic Romance. Never really finished writing it (sound familiar?), but I learned a lot.

That was the end of my fiction days. Today my focus is on self-development material.

At the time of this writing, I’ve published 10 anthologies; eight of them with the Golden Pen Writers Guild, established in 2000.

As a ghostwriter I’ve pecked out articles and non-fiction books of all sorts. I write articles, newsletters, develop courses, and publish blogs for clients.

What do I do in my spare time? I write, of course.

For the last 21 years, I’ve been teaching creative writing, book/blog publishing, and journaling workshops. I host an annual mountain writers’ retreat.