My life’s passion is writing. I am an author, a book coach and a New York Times/LA Times bestselling ghostwriter. I’ve published 10 anthologies to date, and don’t plan on stopping there. I love sharing space with authors who may not otherwise have seen their names in print.

Writers are a special breed. We get each other, don’t we? That’s why we must connect. It feeds our souls.

A couple times a year I offer writers’ retreats and workshops in my mountain community, in the Los Padres National Forest, CA. The forest is healing and inspirational. I love the eclectic energy of my mountain neighbors; the diversity and authenticity. There are some real characters up here too! Every day is an adventure.

My other passion is people. I just plain love people—especially entrepreneurs.

I am a strong supporter of other small business owners—and if you’re wondering what this has to do with you as a writer, well, if your goal is to blog for fun, or give your books away, nothing.

But if you want to generate income from your blog, or sell books, you’re a business owner.

As an entrepreneur straight out of college, I have been speaking to groups and presenting workshops for entrepreneurs since 2003—including those in the book and blog business. You can make money, if you plan, market, and invest in your business.